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Cohabitation Awareness Week

Lauren Preedy, partner and family law solicitor, based in Taunton and Minehead, is a member of Resolution and is supporting Cohabitation Awareness Week .


We have recently added a blog to our website advising people that the concept of a  'common law wife/husband' is an urban myth and Resolution hopes to highlight this and spread the word.

Resolution is an organisation of solicitors and other professionals than campaigns to make things better in the family legal system. One of the campaigns is to try and get more rights for people that cohabit.

If you are not married, or in a civil partnership, then you have minimal rights if you split up from your partner. This could be particularly serious if you do not own the property you live in, you rely on your partner for money each month or you do not have a pension (but your partner does).

You need to be aware of your rights. You may own property that you wish to protect from a claim from a partner if you live together OR you may not own property but want to make sure that you gain an interest if you contribute financially into the household. Either way, you need to take advice as this is a complex area of the law.

Please contact Lauren Preedy on Taunton 01823 745 777 or Minehead 01643 707777 for a free initial consulation if you mention this article or Cohabitation Awareness Week. Please share this article as well.