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Are you really transferring funds to your solicitor?

One particular scam involving residential conveyancing is working well for fraudsters. We are aware of a number of such incidents involving other law firms around the UK in the last few months.


Fraudsters are intercepting emails between solicitors and their clients. They then send emails pretending to be the solicitor and giving new bank account details.

It is often very difficult to pick up the fact that the emails are fake, so extra caution should be taken when you receive any email correspondence from your solicitor.

Before you transfer funds you should telephone your solicitor to confirm the account details are correct.  This is especially important if you have recently received notification of a change of bank account.

We currently have no plans to change our bank details.

Don’t become another victim of this on-line scam.

Maitland Walker solicitors take internet security and client confidentially extremely seriously and regularly update working practices to keep one step ahead of the latest scams.

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