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Court fee increases

The Law Society has published its response to the Ministry of Justice’s consultation on further court fee proposals. The Law Society considers that it is wrong in principle for the court service to be treated as a profit centre and that higher fees will have a significant impact on some groups.

The proposed fee increases come following significant fee increases in March 2015 when the fee for bringing a money claim increased by around 500%. Since March 2015, fees have been payable on 5% of the value of a claim up to a maximum fee of £10,000 (the previous maximum fee was £1,720). If the proposals are implemented, fees will remain payable on 5% of the value of money claims but the  maximum fee for bringing a claim will increase to “at least £20,000” and remaining court fees (e.g. for bringing non-money claims, judicial review or for assessment of costs and enforcement proceedings) will be uplifted by 10%. The Law Society considers such further increases to be inappropriate in light of the March 2015 increases which have not delivered any tangible improvement in the service of the court service.

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