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Corporate & Commercial

Our experienced commercial solicitors advise and assist businesses and business owners on all events and transactions affecting them and their interests.

Help for businesses owners

Our team also regularly advises business owners on the things that affect them personally.


The success of any business will be very closely linked to the quality of the contracts it enters into. Good contracts will ensure that a business secures its assets and income, and protects it from unexpected or unwanted liability.

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Maitland Walker has many years experience in advising businesses, including:

  • ‘Terms of business’ and other contracts between a business and its customers.
  • Sales, marketing, distribution and agency agreements with third parties with which a business engages to sell its products and services.
  • Mergers and acquisitions – we regularly advise businesses when they’re buying and selling companies and assets.
  • Employment - advising businesses on HR matters, drafting employment contracts, advising on disciplinary issues, redundancy and negotiating on termination of employment and compromise agreements. We also provide advice and representation in disputes before employment tribunals.

Intellectual property

We advise businesses on the registration of trademarks and patents, along with other means of protecting IP rights.

Company secretarial

We can advise on all aspects of compliance with companies legislation. We also regularly advise on company reorganisations.  

We offer the following services:

  • A ‘health-check’ service to assess a company’s level of compliance and to advise on any action required.
  • Annual retainer designed to ensure compliance with the annual filing requirements stipulated by Companies House.


Competition law compliance data protection and freedom of information – we offer a ‘health-check’ service to assess a company’s level of compliance and advise on any action required.

Maitland Walker regularly advises business owners on the things that affect them personally, such as:

Business structure

The appropriate business structure (sole trader, limited company, limited liability partnerships, partnership etc) to use is important to consider when first starting a business. Trading via a limited company will provide protection to business owners from most claims by third parties which deal with the company.

Shareholder agreements

We advise on the type of agreements that should in place (such as shareholder and partnership agreements) with co-owners of a business, including new investors into a business.

As in all aspects of life, relationships between the co-owners of businesses can break down. If they do, a well-drafted shareholders agreement will help to deal with the important issues.        


We can also help with an exit from a business, including advising on any share or asset sales.

For further information about our services, please contact Julian Maitland-Walker.

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The type of cases in which the firm act include:

  • Setting up new companies
  • Preparing shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Advising on issues affecting business owners including the arrival or departure of new shareholders or partners
  • Assisting in the sale or purchase of businesses
  • Helping to protect businesses by drafting effective contracts with customers and suppliers
  • Advising businesses on how to protect and exploit their intellectual property
  • Provision of registered office and company secretarial services
  • Advising business to ensure compliance with relevant regulatory rules