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Will Aid - November 2016

The private client department of Maitland Walker are participating in Will Aid in November 2016.

Instead of paying our fees, you will be invited to make a donation to Will Aid. The suggested voluntary donation is £95 for a basic Will or £150 for a pair of basic mirror Wills. 

The importance of making a Will is set out below:

If you die without a will in England or Wales the law will decide who receives your estate. If you have no living family members when you die, your estate will pass to the Crown.

At Maitland Walker we can prepare a will to ensure that your assets are distributed tax efficiently and in accordance with your wishes. For a will to be valid, it must comply with legal formalities. A carefully drafted will may also help to avoid disputes arising after your death. We offer a friendly and professional service, which guides you through these issues.

We are also able to provide bespoke succession and estate planning services which can serve to protect your assets. We have expertise in advising clients with farming assets, commercial assets and/or complex family circumstances. It is important to seek advice now as a delay may lead to complications.

Please contact our solicitors Ben Simpson or Emily Simpson using our contact details as set out below for further details or to make an appointment:

T:            01643 707777

E:            ben.simpson@maitlandwalker.com


N.B. In relation to the Will Aid scheme, we will limit our Wills to 10 per office (Taunton and Minehead offices only) and the scheme will only cover basic Wills. We will charge an additional fee which will be agreed at our first meeting for non-basic Wills and any estate planning or inheritance tax advice. We will also ask you to bring a cheque payable to Will Aid to our first meeting.