Adrian Render


Adrian Render is a partner in the EU & Competition Law department. He is one of few UK competition lawyers to have experience of opt-out collective action cases, having previously worked on US Federal Multidistrict Litigation opt-out class actions.

Collective (or class) actions are a specialist area of particular interest to Adrian who feels strongly consumers have long paid the price for cartels or abuses of dominance, with no realistic chance to recover their damages. Now, standing together collectively, consumers can enforce their rights to damages.

His experience includes:

  • direct and indirect purchaser class actions in consumer cartel and monopolisation damages recovery in the United States and Canada,
  • corporate criminal litigation in respect of a nationwide (US) cartel,
  • in the UK, developing a number of collective actions involving direct purchaser damages recovery in respect of abuses of dominance,
  • cartel litigation in the pharmaceutical sector,
  • director disqualification litigation pursuant to competition findings,
  • CMA investigations in the pharmaceutical sector,
  • regulatory investigations in a range of sectors, including the energy sector.


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Adrian also holds the King’s College PGDLs in EU Competition Law and Economics for Competition Law as well as two Masters degrees in international economic law. He is admitted in England and Wales, New York State and Ireland (non-practicing).

Adrian speaks Spanish fluently and is currently learning Portuguese when he has free time.