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Professional negligence claims

Professional negligence

At Maitland Walker we understand the serious impact that mistakes made by business professionals can have on individuals and businesses. Whether you have received negligent advice or need assistance in defending a case involving negligent advice, our nationally ranked Litigation & Dispute resolution team can assist.

Professional negligence claims arise when a professional person, who has a duty of care to their client to person their job to a reasonable standard and with reasonable care, fails to perform to the standards required of them resulting in their client suffering some damage or loss. Professional negligence claims most often arise against solicitors, accountants, valuers, surveyors, financial advisors, etc.

Professional negligence claims involve complex legal and factual issues that demand careful analysis and understanding.

Maitland Walker can assist with all types of professional negligence claims. We understand the importance of reaching equitable resolutions in professional negligence cases, and will work diligently to negotiate favourable outcomes for our clients.

Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution team give practical and strategic advice that understands your priorities. We will guide the dispute to the appropriate resolution whether that is achieved through negotiation, through mediation or some other form of alternative dispute resolution or by a decision of the court if that is necessary. We can be ready to act urgently, to make or respond to injunctive relief applications for example.


Our experience

We have recently acted in the following cases:

  • Creative Horizon v Scott Fowler in group litigation for a group of 90 overseas investors who paid deposits for the purchase of flats yet to be built in England, seeking damages from the solicitors who advised and alleging a failure to warn about the risks of the transactions; and
  • A high value professional negligence dispute against a large South West based firm of solicitors arising from a failure to advise and take proper instructions.
  • I have worked with Julian Maitland-Walker and Sheree-Ann Virgin. Both appear to me to be excellent practitioners who understand the needs of their client and ensure that the litigation is conducted in a way that meets those needs. They are both extremely pleasant to deal with. They are intelligent and thoughtful individuals with good commercial instincts.
  • In my experience, Maitland Walker’s key strength lies in representing clients in commercial litigation who may not be familiar with the litigation process and ensuring that it is demystified such that the client can pursue the matter efficiently and effectively.
  • Sheree-Ann Virgin is fantastic to work with. She takes a very collaborative approach and is not at all adverse to rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck into the weeds of the case.
  • Julian Maitland-Walker is a seasoned hand who is the perfect partner for both clients and Counsel

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