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Property disputes

Commercial property litigation

When it comes to commercial property litigation, businesses can greatly benefit from the expertise of solicitors. These disputes can be intricate and carry significant implications. At Maitland Walker our nationally ranked Litigation & Dispute Resolution team bring invaluable knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that businesses are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of commercial property litigation.

Whether it's lease disputes, contractual disagreements, lease renewals or other property related issues, our solicitors provide robust representation and strategic advice throughout the litigation process.

With their deep understanding of complex property laws, our team can interpret legal frameworks, assess liability, and advocate for our clients’ interests during negotiations, mediation or court proceedings.

By engaging our services, businesses can effectively safeguard their rights, approach disputes with confidence, and strive for favourable outcomes in commercial property litigation.


Our expert property litigation team are equipped to handle various types of commercial property disputes.

Our comprehensive services cover a wide range of matters, including disputes concerning development agreements, easements, rights of way, and both contentious and non-contentious business lease renewals. Additionally, we offer assistance with dilapidations claims, breaches of covenant, service charge disputes, break options, recovery of land from unlawful occupiers or squatters, lease surrender negotiations, and consent disputes related to assignment, sub-letting, change of use, and alterations. Furthermore, we can assist with possession claims for landlords of all sizes alongside providing a package for lease extensions of residential properties.

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Our experience

We regularly act in lease renewal claims and dilapidations claims for a major high street client operating from over 150 properties across the UK. We advise commercial landlords of residential developments on lease extensions and through section 20 consultations. Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution team give practical and strategic advice that understands your business and takes account of the commercial realities. We work seamlessly with our Commercial Property team at drafting stages to help ensure that future disputes are avoided.

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