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Transfer of ownership

Transfer of ownership or equity

Transfers of ownership and equity including partition of ownership and matrimonial transfers.

Transfers of Equity

A transfer of equity is when a person is added or removed from the title deeds of a property. This may be due to a separation or divorce or to add a new spouse to the ownership. Transferring ownership of property to family members can also be for estate planning purposes but only when you have received the necessary legal advice to ensure this is right for you to do and will achieve your objectives.

Transfers of equity can be for nil consideration (i.e a gift) or perhaps be by virtue of a court order in the event of a divorce. They can of course be for a sum agreed between the parties. This relevant information is recorded in the Transfer by our lawyers.


Transfers of equity are usually a relatively straightforward process if the property is wholly owned by the persons listed on the title deeds and there is clear agreement between the parties before the transaction begins. This process can become protracted when mortgage lenders have to be consulted, there are restrictions on the title or in the event parties are in disagreement.

Our lawyers are able to provide you with expert advice based on your unique circumstances together with a tailored fee estimate and timescale.
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