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Company and partnership disputes

Shareholder and partner disputes and unfair prejudice claims

When relationships between business owners breaks down, any resulting disputes can be particularly hostile. Mediation may be an effective tool to help achieve a solution quickly and amicably. In cases where resolution through the court process is the only option, our litigators are able to guide you through the process.

Shareholder disputes

These types of disputes often occur when a minority shareholder considers that a majority shareholder is not acting in the best interests of the company. We have significant experience of acting for majority and minority shareholders in relation to shareholders disputes and will start by advising on whether the statutory and contractual rights of any shareholders have been breached before reviewing how to resolve the dispute appropriately.

Minority shareholders have other rights against the majority including the right to bring an unfair prejudice claim under s.994 of the Companies Act 2006. We can assist with and advice fully on these additional rights.


Partnership disputes

Disputes between partners can happen when a partnership is looking to recruit, downsize or retire an older partner or when partners want to shift the focus of the business a expel a partner for poor conduct or performance. These are all sensitive issues that need careful handling since a fall out between partners can significantly impact the underlying business and cause reputational damage. We can advise both remaining and departing partners in professional partnerships.

Our nationally ranked Litigation & Dispute Resolution team work quickly and efficiently to find sensible solutions to partnership disputes, often using mediation or other forms of ADR to avoid recourse to formal court proceedings.

Our Corporate & Commercial team can assist with creating a reliable and effective partnership agreement to reduce the risk of partnership disputes in the future.

  • In my experience, Maitland Walker’s key strength lies in representing clients in commercial litigation who may not be familiar with the litigation process and ensuring that it is demystified such that the client can pursue the matter efficiently and effectively.
  • I have worked with Julian Maitland-Walker and Sheree-Ann Virgin. Both appear to me to be excellent practitioners who understand the needs of their client and ensure that the litigation is conducted in a way that meets those needs. They are both extremely pleasant to deal with. They are intelligent and thoughtful individuals with good commercial instincts.
  • Sheree-Ann Virgin is fantastic to work with. She takes a very collaborative approach and is not at all adverse to rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck into the weeds of the case.
  • Julian Maitland-Walker is a seasoned hand who is the perfect partner for both clients and Counsel

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