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Art or Crime?

Lauren Preedy, Partner at Maitland Walker Solicitors, based in Taunton and Minehead visited Upfest in Bristol at the weekend and was amazed by the wonderful art.

Upfest is Europe’s largest Street Art & Graffiti festival. Lauren and Stuart (FB- @brook­food) visited on Saturday to see the start of the displays and then again on Sunday evening to see the completed works.

There is often a lot of controversy surrounding this area of art and often people see street art as a nuisance for their local community. However, there is a big difference between an organised festival and criminal damage.

There are various areas of law that could be relevant. These include:

-          Criminal Damage

-          Trespass

-          Ownership and Copyright Issues; and

-          Anti-Social Behaviour

If a piece of Banksy turned up on the side of your house would you complain?

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Lauren is a member of the Taunton Arts Society (FB - @TheArtsSociety) and enjoys a wide genre of art.