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Divorce Disasters – don’t cut corners

The end of a relationship can be tricky and distressing- emotionally and financially. People often want to save money on legal fees but you must be careful. If you try to do it yourself, you could make a mistake with the divorce process or the financial matters and end up in an unfair position (which maybe unchangeable).

It can be false economy to use an online divorce company. Sometimes they look as though they are cheaper but have lots of extra costs added on and it ends up being more expensive. Check out the fees carefully before you sign up to anything. You should note that fees are often quoted separately  for divorce and financial matters- usually the fee you see for the divorce does not include any fees for resolving financial matters.

Only solicitors firms will have adequate insurance and you get the protection of the Legal Ombudsman should something go wrong.

Also, picking a solicitor should be a careful decision. At Maitland Walker we offer a free initial consultation so that you can come and meet us.

The Court Service has been discussing ‘digitalising’ the divorce process. This is different to an online divorce. At the moment when you get divorced you must file a Petition at court. This is a paperwork exercise, as is the rest of the process (normally). It is hoped in the future that this can be all done online but this does not negate the need for a solicitor. Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service have not publically confirmed the date this may occur but there is likely to be a pilot scheme before the end of the summer.

You may feel able to commence divorce proceedings without legal help but it is advisable to take some advice in relation to the financial matters. There may be issues of inheritance, family businesses, shares, trusts, pensions or on-going maintenance that you have not considered.

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