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Ben Simpson


Ben Simpson is a partner and head of Maitland Walker’s Private Client department. He joined the firm in 2006 and was made a partner in 2016.

Ben is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) who has over 15 years of experience advising individuals and families on wealth protection, tax mitigation and succession. This includes the drafting of tax efficient wills, the preparation of lasting powers of attorney for individuals, including those with commercial interests, advice on lifetime gifting to support children and descendants and to mitigate tax, establishing and administering trusts that protect assets and provide long term financial benefit, advising on and drafting partnership agreements, primarily for farming families, and the efficient administration of estates, including the drafting of deeds of variation to achieve tax efficiency.

He has a broad client base which includes many farmers and business owners and their families. As a result, Ben has significant experience of advising on and making claims for agricultural property relief and business property relief. This often involves him working closely with other professionals, such as accountants, surveyors, financial advisors and barristers, to ensure that his clients’ objectives are being met and that they receive the best advice possible.

Ben grew up in West Somerset where he now lives with his family. His ties to the area mean that he has a clear understanding of the specific requirements of his clients.

In general, clients praise Ben’s knowledge and communication skills, which allow him to address complex legal issues clearly and concisely. He is also known for his professionalism and his friendly manner.


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Notable matters:

  • Administering the UK estate of a high net worth non-domiciled client who had been an underwriting member of Lloyd’s of London via a Scottish Limited Partnership. The administration involved terminating the estate’s involvement in those underwriting activities, obtaining Exeat policy insurance to cover the estate against all expenses arising until such time that all the associated syndicates had been re-insured and applying to the court and obtaining a Re Yorke Order, which granted permission to distribute the estate without making any retention for further provision in respect of any contract of insurance or reinsurance underwritten by the deceased in the course of his business as an underwriting member of Lloyds.
  • Undertaking a comprehensive review of a farming estate in order to provide specific estate planning/inheritance tax/capital gains tax advice. This involved reviewing the unregistered title to identify the structure of ownership and how title of the farm had devolved and then instructing surveyors to provide accurate valuations at the relevant dates for the purposes of advising on likely capital gains tax and inheritance tax liabilities; analysing the business accounts in order to advise on the likely availability of agricultural and business property relief; preparing an estate planning report which incorporated this information and included advice and recommendations concerning the options available to the family going forward; preparing a tax efficient will for the client; advising on lifetime gifts and working with the client’s accountants to secure capital gains tax hold-over relief on subsequent lifetime transfers.
  • Acting in the administration of an estate where the deceased was the sole trader of a business, but had not made a will. The intestacy rules did not achieve the family’s objectives and so the administration included advising them on a deed of variation to the intestacy rules, which served to dispose of the deceased’s business assets in a more appropriate and tax efficient manner.

What others say:

“With 40+ years of experience in accounting, law and finance, I have met a lot of solicitors involved with estate planning. Ben has displayed a level of technical expertise and practical application that is unsurpassed. I would recommend Ben to anyone needing this type of specialised advice.” (Chartered financial planner)

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